Therabody’s PowerDot 2.0 made my return to the gym way less painful

Therabody's PowerDot 2.0 made my return to the gym way less painful

My local gym just recently opened back up for the first time since the pandemic began. I was extremely excited to get back in there after a year of getting almost no exercise and eating mostly takeout. Since the start of 2021, I’ve been trying to stick to a healthier diet and lifestyle, and regular visits to the gym were going to be a big part of that.  

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t also very freaked out, though. For one, I’m still trying to wean myself out of the mindset of “every place I go is an unsafe cesspool of germs” that the pandemic graced me with, so going into a communal space like a gym was going to be a huge mental hurdle. But in addition to that, I hadn’t really worked out in over a year, and I knew that getting myself back to a place where consistent exercise felt good was going to be quite a journey. Mainly, I wasn’t looking forward to the intense muscle soreness that comes with lifting weights again after a long break. Read more…

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