Seth Rogen and Conan O’Brien smoked a blunt on TV because sure, why not

Seth Rogen and Conan O'Brien smoked a blunt on TV because sure, why not

Conan is finally coming to an end after a lengthy 11-year run, and what better way to go out than for host Conan O’Brien to just get high in the middle of the show?

Pondering what to do with his upcoming free time, O’Brien turned to guest Seth Rogen for ideas during Tuesday’s episode. The actor is popularly known for starring in stoner comedies, and he recently launched a cannabis company in March, so his answer should have surprised nobody.

“I would suggest — this is going to be hilariously on-brand — try smoking a lotta weed for a long time,” said Rogen, shortly before offering O’Brien a neatly rolled joint from his jacket pocket. Read more…

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