Save on a personalized skincare routine from Geologie

Save on a personalized skincare routine from Geologie

TL;DR: Enjoy a personalized skincare routine with a Geologie 30-day trial pack for just $37 as of Dec. 21. 

Personalized skincare is a growing trend, and even people who use dish soap to wash their face can get involved.

Plenty of people don’t have the patience to figure out the difference between moisturizer and serum. They just want products that work. That’s the philosophy behind Geologie’s line of skincare, which is geared toward men and offers an efficient way to get into a skincare routine without a ton of research and effort.

First, you’ll take a 30-second diagnostic quiz about the current state of your skin. After your quiz is complete, Geologie will get to work customizing your two-step daily skincare routine (morning and night) that’s formulated specifically to your needs. There are also customer service and skin consultation teams to help with any issues or questions you may have along the way. Read more…

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