OK, all those fake-out scenes in ‘Mare of Easttown’ were ridiculous

OK, all those fake-out scenes in 'Mare of Easttown' were ridiculous

Welcome to Fix It, our series examining projects we love — save for one tiny change we wish we could make.

Mare of Easttown was dark enough without all those ridiculous fake-outs, right?

From April to May, HBO’s seven-part limited series offered viewers a methodically paced crime thriller set in very moody, very gray, suburban Pennsylvania. A limited but dedicated fanbase tuned in week-to-week for new clues in this slow-burn whodunnit, lauded as a hidden gem of spring TV.

But then, just as the finale neared, the rest of us caught wind, binged it all in a weekend or two, and turned Mare of Easttown into a venerable hit — when maybe it shouldn’t have been.  Read more…

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