Netflix’s tense ‘Blood Red Sky’ teaser pits terrorists against a shape-shifting monster

Netflix's tense 'Blood Red Sky' teaser pits terrorists against a shape-shifting monster

A gruesome shape-shifter. Terrorists. Dominic Purcell from Prison Break.

Blood Red Sky is full of things that feel like they belong in different films, but which have been cheerfully mashed together in Peter Thorwarth’s upcoming Netflix horror/thriller.

The plot follows a woman and her young son who become trapped on a plane hijacked by a criminal gang in search of money. The silver lining? The mother is secretly a sort of vampire/werewolf hybrid who’s more than willing to unleash her monstrous side in order to protect her little boy from harm.

The teaser is only a minute so we don’t have too much to go on, but expect gore, violence and tension aplenty in this one. Read more…

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