‘In the Heights’ got you wanting to watch more musicals? Here’s where a bunch are streaming.

'In the Heights' got you wanting to watch more musicals? Here's where a bunch are streaming.

How many of us are making Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights a first trip back to the movies in more than a year?

The long-awaited theatrical release of the Miranda-written, pre-Hamilton hit is finally here after a pandemic-wrought delay, and fans of musicals couldn’t be happier. But for many, it’s not going to be enough. Broadway is still shut down and musical theater in general still needs time to work its way back. What’s a fan to do?

Stream it. The entertainment consumer of 2021 is inundated with choice when it comes to streaming services, and every option out there has something to offer. If you absolutely must have something close to the original article, a Broadway HD subscription might be the ticket you’re looking for. But make sure you check your existing subscriptions first; you might be surprised by what you find! Read more…

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