If you’ve always wanted to do an AncestryDNA kit, now’s your chance — they’re 40% off for Black Friday

If you've always wanted to do an AncestryDNA kit, now's your chance — they're 40% off for Black Friday

Many of us have some idea of our family’s history from stuff our parents or grandparents told us, but wouldn’t it be cool to do a DNA test and have a pie chart that breaks everything down? 

You’re in luck: Ancestry.com is offering their DNA kits for 40% off the original price this Black Friday.

AncestryDNA goes above and beyond to give you the nitty-gritty details of your genealogy. The kit can estimate your origins to more than 150 ethnic regions around the world. They use an autosomal DNA test that surveys your entire genome at over 700,000 locations, which means it covers both your father’s and your mother’s lineage. Just fill the tube with your spit, send it back for testing, and have your results in a few short weeks. Read more…

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