Buy or Sell Forgotten Deals On CoupFlip

Buy or Sell Forgotten Deals On CoupFlip

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Name: CoupFlip

Quick Pitch: Buy and sell Groupon and LivingSocial vouchers

Genius Idea: Somewhere between 20% and 40% of Groupon vouchers go unredeemed. Miss a sale? Buy too many? CoupFlip lets you find great deals and nevers let a voucher go unused

The problem with timed deal sites is that sometimes you make purchases too hastily. Or, if you’re an overly-cautious type, you might wait too long and miss the deal entirely. CoupFlip takes some of this pressure off. Miss an awesome deal on Groupon? See if it’s for sale on CoupFlip. Buy tickets on LivingSocial to an event you no longer wan to attend? Sell the vouchers on CoupFlip Read more…

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