5 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Twitter

5 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Twitter

Erin Gifford writes at Coupon Cravings where she shares coupons, daily deals, and of course, freebies. You can find Coupon Cravings on Facebook or follow along on Twitter at @eringifford.

I love it when I can get free stuff. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a free sample of hand lotion, a free soft pretzel, or a free magazine subscription. I love free, and Twitter makes it easy to quickly find all kinds of freebies.

Here are five ways to use Twitter to get your fix of free stuff.

1. Track Hashtags

Twitter Freebie Search Image

Hashtags (topics marked with the # symbol) have grown in popularity, almost to the point of overuse. But they make it easy to find tweets related to particular topics. Enter #freebie or #freebies into the search box to pull up tweets related to free stuff Read more…

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