5 of the Best iPhone Apps for In-Store Savings

5 of the Best iPhone Apps for In-Store Savings

It’s a tougher economy, money is tighter, and you’re looking for ways to save cash. Plus, if you own an iPhone, you’re probably paying a hefty monthly fee for service. But while the iPhone may have some big costs, it can more than make up for it in financial savings.

What can the iPhone do to save you cash? There are apps to keep your spending in line, to find coupons, to compare prices, and even more. And while there are dozens, if not hundreds, of these applications, a few stand out for their usability and their money-saving features. Here are five of the best:

1. Shopper

Shopper iPhone Image

One of the big reasons people spend so much money at the grocery store is because they purchase additional things that they did not need. Sticking to a list can help prevent unnecessary spending. That’s where Shopper comes in. Shopper helps you create shopping lists so you don’t overspend. Read more…

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